Would you rather watch a baseball game or attend a baseball game in person?

Inside Huntington Park

Bryce Courser, Contributor

Would you rather watch a baseball game or go to a baseball game? I would rather go to the games because it seems magical to sit under the lights, with the music playing. There are fun things to watch like the hotdog races and the mascots dancing. There are games for the fans to play, and win some fun prizes. Sometimes you get deals like a dime a hotdog. You also can go on days where you can buy a drink and get a souvenir cup.

On some days, you can get into a to a minor league game for five dollars. The anticipation of trying to catch a foul ball that comes your way,  or witnessing a  home run in person. You can also see the players in person and maybe get to meet them.  It’s also a great time to spend quality family time. Having fun with them. I would definitely recommend going to a game. There is also an option of watching it on tv.

Yes it is faster to just change the channel.It would be less money but  would your family like sitting down just to watch the game with commercials? The Good thing about watching it on the tv is that you can have parties, and have your family and friends watching it together. It is fun especially when it’s a close game and both teams are batting really well.  But it just isn’t the same as being there with the same anticipation of being there watching it live. Watching it on the tv can be good if you’re trying to cut back on money being spent, especially if it’s a pro game not a minor league game. So would you rather go to a baseball game or stay at home and watch it on the tv. 


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