New Winter Sports Season of MCS


Patti Courser

Boys’ Basketball from last season.

Bryce Courser, Contributor

The 2021/2022  winter sports are coming up. Excitement is growing for the  Mansfield Christian school boys’ basketball and girls’ basketball games to start up. The boys’ basketball team has started up their open gyms, and is getting ready for the new season. 

For the girls open gym, the girls did shoot outs this summer at the Cedar Point sports center and other locations. The boys also had June shootouts at Ontario High School as well as a shoot out at Ashland University.

This year has been a great year for the student weight room program in prepping for this sports season. Thanks to Mr. Hostetler for pushing the students to be the best, and to be in shape to be able to play these sports.

Coaches this year for the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team will be Mr. Craner, and Mr. Davis. They are expected to have a good season.

For the girls basketball team, the coaches will be Megan Young, and for junior varsity coach will be John Mark Young.   Unfortunately, there will be no swim team this year. Mr. LaCroix has said there can’t be a swim team this year because of practice scheduling. The swim team would have to practice from 8:30 to 10 pm in the evening. It is just not doable.

Also for winter sports, some of our students will be on the Lexington bowling team. 

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