William Killian, Contributor

This year’s homecoming was highly anticipated, because it was the first actual homecoming after COVID-19. Many of the students were very excited about having an actual homecoming because of the opportunity to dress up and have fun. This year had added fun: karaoke, which had many students standing up and singing, with everyone having a great time in the process.

Many of the students have said that they loved being able to take pictures and have a great time together after the pandemic. “Taking pictures was the most memorable part of homecoming,” said Abby Shewan. Students said they loved being able to hang out with their friends just having fun and making some of the best memories that they will talk about many years down the road.

Many people who went to homecoming said they liked the food because it was from Olive Garden. People also seemed to enjoy the apple cider.  The food definitely was the main topic at school the next day.

Many people including myself want to give E.P.I.C a big thank you for setting up, tearing down, and planning a normal homecoming. The senior class was very happy that for their last year they were able to have fun, dress up, and have a normal homecoming again. One of the seniors X’Zaria Murphy said, “This is going to be one of those memories where when you’re telling your kids, or even grand kids you’ll still look back and laugh about everything that happened and how much fun you had that night, while you tell the story with a smile on your face.”

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