How Covid has Impacted our Volleyball Season

Courtney Kissinger, Contributor

Last Season, The Lady Flames volleyball team had experienced limitations during their season while Covid-19 hit.

During this time last year, some  schools were being forced to shut down and didn’t have a full season, while the Flames still had a full game schedule, but never had to cancel games. Coach McCleary stated, “The most stressful part with Covid were constant temperature checks daily and when we had the mask mandate.” When it came to game days, there was limited seating in the gym. Each parent had two or three tickets per a player for them allowed in the games. This limitation affected our support from family, friends, and our student fan section. High fiving or shaking hands weren’t allowed before or after games. Another result from Covid, was not being allowed to get into team huddles or hold hands with the other opponents  during prayer after games. When practices were in session, the athletes took precautions by sanitizing the volleyballs while social distancing. Many of these rules and regulations were extremely hard to stand by while your playing in a sport. Teams all around  struggled to stay in having a season, but we were very thankful to be able to still come together and play the sport we love!

After all the precautions last year, this season has been released from all the regulations due to the decrease in  percentage. We thoroughly enjoy going back to playing and not being worried about the limits from Covid. Hopefully we never get to experience this hardship again.

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