Senior Retreat Recap

Senior Retreat Recap

Garrett Jones, writer

The Senior retreat was on Wednesday, September 16th. The Retreat was located at Pleasant Valley Ranch in Lucas Ohio. Just probably half a mile away from Malabar Farm. The first activity that we did was Dr. Cy Smith talked to us the seniors about after high school. He talked about some of the memories we will remember after graduation. Afterwards the seniors did a group activity together like making a human pyramid, basically working together as a group.

Pastor Standrigde gave a sermon, and we talked and discussed it. Dr. Smith had us all one by one stand up tell everyone our name, siblings, how long we attended MCS, and then nicknames we were called throughout high school and the elementary. Everyone who has attended MCS since pre school stood up first, then they went through the grades to see who in our class came into our school. It was pretty unique and honestly very sad to see who came into our class through the years, and now we’re in our senior year of high school.

We all were in the chapel from 8 in the morning to 12 around lunchtime. For lunch we had mini corn dogs, homemade mac n cheese, and applesauce. We ate for probably around 30 to 40 minutes, once we were done we did more group activities. Half of the grade went on one side and the other half went on the other. Mrs. Taylor and Mrs Shepherd had us do yet another group activity with a partner of your choice that is in your group. We played egg toss and you and your partner had to keep a balloon between you and do a relay type game with your group.

Later after that we went out to try the zipline which we had a lot of fun on. One we were done with the zipline we had a choice to do whatever we wanted for the last hour. The choices were basketball, canoeing, and volleyball. It was a heck of a blast, it will definitely be something I will remember later on in life.

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