The All Sports Rally and The Spaghetti Dinner

Malachi Johnston, Writer

The All Sports Rally and Spaghetti dinner was a very fun, and rewarding night. Many people turned up for the wonderful dinner with a selection of spaghetti provided by parents, bread sticks provided by Fazolis, and salad provided by Olive Garden. It was a good time to hang out, eat dinner, and watch some games and It was like being at a pep rally which is good since the school doesn’t seem to do those anymore. The dinner also gave us a  good chance to donate to a good cause which is Kaitlyn Koheiser and her situation concerning cancer. The dinner was just an amazing opportunity to make some money, donate to a good cause, and get the attendants of the school together.

Last year the dinner served approximately 165 people with the NET income being $1,107.90. This year the dinner was able to serve an estimate of 218 to 233 people just in the first hour of the dinner with the estimated gross being $3,149.00 and the total donations going to Kaitlyn exceeding $5,000. Comparing that to last years dinner, the total income was over twice the amount of money raised last year for the dinner which is outstanding. It was good to see all the people show up to have a good dinner and help raise some money, and it was also good to see people donating to Kaitlyn. Hopefully more people continue to show up to future dinners to help support the classes of MCS.

A big thank you also needs to go out to everyone who volunteered to help with the setup and preparation of the dinner with the volunteer work being over 75 hours estimated. Thank you to all the parents, students, and teachers who took time out of their day to help with a school activity. Thank you to everyone who donated to Kaitlyn as well your kindness will go a long way and is definitely appreciated. Hopefully this little sports rally continues to get bigger and bigger as time goes on. Hope to see you there next year.

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