NFL Week One Scores and News

Zayne Hill, Writer



Packers @ Bears (10-3)

 A great way to start off the season with one of the best rivalries in the NFL, I was interested in what we were going to see from both Aaron Rodgers and Mitchel Trubisky. To be honest I wasn’t really surprised with either of their performances, Rodgers threw the ball pretty average for him with 203 passing yards completing 18 out of 30 passes for 1 touchdown. Trubisky on the other hand did not have the best game, completing 26 out of 45 passes for 228 yards with 1INT and no touchdowns, you might think, hey 228 passing yards isn’t that bad, yeah it’s not terrible, but a lot of those yards were because of his receivers, like Allen Robinson getting 7 catches for 102 yards. Trubiski just threw the ball behind his receivers way to many times.

The Bears Defense really did play well, sacking Rodgers a total of 5 times! Also the Packers defense played well enough to get the Packers the win. Both defenses did very well stopping the run, both teams combined didn’t even get 100 rushing yards.



Chiefs @ Jacksonville (40-26)

This game was not a good starting point to the season for the Jaguars, as Nick Foles goes down with an injury early on and will most likely not come back this season. Despite having to play without Foles, the Jaguars actually managed to put up a decent score, but it just wasn’t enough. Everyone knew coming into this game Patrick Mahomes was going to kill it. Mahomes completed 25 of 34 passes for 3 touchdowns. While Gardner Minshew II ,for the Jaguars, passed for 347 yards with 27 completions on 33 attempts, and also had 2 passing touchdowns with one INT. The passing is where both teams shined, but the run game was semi decent for both teams, Chief’s newly added running back from the Buffalo Bills, LeSean McCoy had 10 carries for 81 yards, and their backup Damien Williams had 13 carries for 26 yards and 1 touchdown. The Jaguar’s running back, Leonard Fournette had 66 yards on 13 carries,

Obviously the defense in this game was pretty bad on both sides, but why even get a good defense when you have Patrick Mahomes in the backfield throwing the ball for you?




Falcons @ Vikings (12-28)

This game may have come as a surprise to people, after Julio just gets a new contract, you have a healthy Matt Ryan, and pretty much a healthy team. The Vikings came out strong in this game and made a statement. With Kirk Cousins throwing only 10 passes and completing 8 for 98 yards and a touchdown, and he also had a rushing touchdown. Matt Ryan throwing 46 passes, completing 33 of them for 304 yards and 2 touchdowns, but Ryan also had 2 INTs. The Vikings run game was pretty good, Dalvin Cook taking 21 carries for 111 yards and touchdowns, and their backup, Alexander Madison, taking 9 carries for 49 yards. While the Falcons top runner had only 6 carries for 31 yards.

The defense for the vikings was pretty decent, mainly their run stop, but they also had 2 INTs on one of the top QB’s in the league. While the Falcons defense was just not ready for the run stuff, and the Vikings knew exactly how to beat their defense, just run the ball.



Titans @ Browns (43-13)

This game was a huge let down for all of the Cleveland Browns fans, not only did they lose, but they lost bad. The Browns on the first drive of the game score a touchdown and then missed the extra point, that is where it all started to go downhill. The Titans got a field goal off of their first drive which kept the Browns in the lead, until they punted on their next 5 possessions, and the Titans grew their lead over those missed possessions by the Browns. Baker Mayfield ended up going 25 for 38 on completions for 285 yards with one touchdown and 3 INTs. Where Mariota went 14 for 24 with 248 yards and 3 touchdowns. Titans’ Derrick Henry did well with 19 carries for 84 yards and 1 touchdown. Nick Chubb for the Browns had 17 carries for 75 yards.

The defense in this game for the Browns was actually not terrible, well yeah they let up 43 points but if it weren’t for the Browns offense giving the Titans so many chances there would not of been so many points. Also the Browns had 18 penalties for 182 yards which definitely did not help the Browns with this game.



Bills @ Jets (17-16)

The Bills coming into this game with Josh Allen, who had a pretty good 2018-2019 rookie season. And the Jets also with a quarterback who was a rookie last season. The Bills rallied together in the 4th quarter of this game to get the win. The Bills Josh Allen going 24 of 37 for completed pass with 254 yards, 1 touchdown, and 2 INTs. Where Darnold went 28 of 41 for 175 yards and 1 touchdown. Everyone looking forward to seeing Le’veon Bell play after he took a whole year off of football, this game was kind of a let down for him with 17 carries for 60 yards and no touchdowns. The Bills’ Devin Singletary had 4 carries for 70 yards, and Josh Allen had 10 carries for 38 yards and one touchdown.

Defensively both teams did pretty well, with the Jets’ CJ Mosley getting himself a pick six for his debut with the Jets. And the Bills defense forcing 2 INTs and only letting an offense with Le’veon Bell only get 16 points.



Ravens @ Dolphins (59-10)

This game i’m sure surprised a ton of people, not because the Ravens won, but because of the performance they put on. Lamar Jackson had something to prove something to all of the people that say that he is a “running back”. Jackson ended up throwing for 324 yards on 17 of 20 complete passes and 5 touchdowns! The Ravens did everything right this game, Mark Ingram Jr. had 14 carries for 107 yards and 2 touchdowns. The dolphins on the other hand somehow played worse than people thought they were going to.

There is not much to say on the defensive side of the game, other than the Ravens did a phenomenal job getting the offense the ball a lot.



Redskins @ Eagles (27-32)

This game was really a lot closer than almost everyone expected. The Redskins lead for a majority of this game, with Case Keenum throwing 30 for 44 with 380 yards and 3 touchdowns. Carson Wentz had 28 completions on 39 attempts, with 313 yards and 3 touchdowns. Neither team really had a lot going on, on the ground. But really a hard fought game for a very underrated Redskins team.


The defense on both sides was really pretty bad on both teams with no turnovers and a combined score of 59 between the 2 teams.



Rams @ Panthers (30-27)

A really hard fought game for both teams, both teams looked pretty good in this game. Cam Newton just couldn’t find the endzone, with plenty of opportunities, the Panthers really had to count on Christian McCaffery to run all over the Rams which he did do with 19 carries for 128 yards and 2 touchdowns. Cam passed for 239 yards on 25 out of 38 completions for no touchdowns and 1INT. Rams’ Jared Goff didn’t have the best game himself with 23 of 39 completions for 186 yards, a touchdown, and an INT  

The defense did really all they could do on both sides, The Panthers giving Cam plenty of opportunities, and the Rams getting to Cam for a sack 3 times.



Colts @ Chargers (24-30)

Colts coming into this game i’m sure kind of annoyed because of Andrew Luck right before the season started. Jacoby Brissett did pretty well actually, there is no telling what would happen if they still had Luck but that is irrelevant, Brissett still did really well for his Colts debut, he had 190 yards and 2 touchdowns on 21 of 27 passes completed. Phillip Rivers also had a good game, 25 of 34 passing for 333 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 1INT. The run game for the Colts was pretty good, Marlon Mack had 25 carries for 174 yards and 1 touchdown. The Charges run game was decent with Austin Ekeler getting 58 yards and 1 touchdown on 12 carries.

The defense on both sides was pretty average, the Colts got a pick but not much else. The Chargers played good enough defense to get the job done.



Bengals @ Seahawks (20-21)

The Bengals performed better than expected this game, they still lost but non the less they didn’t do terrible. Only losing by one to the Seahawks, who have a healthy Russell Wilson. Andy Dalton after throwing 51 passes, completed 35 of them for 418 yards and 2 touchdowns. Wilson went 14 for 20 with 195 yards and 2 touchdowns. Chris Carson for the Seahawks had 15 carries for 46 yards and a touchdown. The Bengals didn’t do much on the ground for offense, I mean how could you with 51 passes in a single game?

The defense on both sides was actually not bad, despite no INTs they both held the offense pretty well. The seahawks did especially good stopping a healthy Andy Dalton that threw 51 passes to just 20 points, that’s pretty good.



Giants @ Cowboys (17-35)

It was interesting to see what the Giants were going to bring to the table after losing their top receiver and drafting a quarterback with their first pick in the draft. To make a long story the Giants ended up trying to feed Saquan the ball a lot, he got 11 carries for 120 yards and 4 receptions for 19 yards. The Cowboys did their thing on offense, Dak ended the game 25 of 32 passing for 405 yards and 4 touchdowns earning him a perfect passer rating. While Eli Manning 30 0f 44, for 306 yards and 1 touchdown.

The Cowboys defense was really the only defense worth talking about, they stopped Saquan to no touchdowns. When you are playing the Giants that is really all that matters.



49ers @ Buccaneers (31-17)

. The outcome of this game was kind of surprising, Garoppolo passing 18 of 27 for 166 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1INT. Jameis Winston did not have his best game going 20 of 36 for, 194 yards, 1 touchdown, and 3INTs. The running game for both teams was pretty decent, the 49ers had a total of 98 rushing yards and the Bucs had 121 yards.

Defensively both teams played average defense, neither team letting 200 yards passing, that is tough to do in todays NFL. Also both teams had a total of 4INTs in one game.




Lions @ Cardinals (27-27)

This game had people sitting on the edge of their seats, from the second quarter it really looked like the Lions were going to escape that game with a win. But after the first half is when the Cardinals really turned on the jets, Kyler Murray ended throwing 29 of 54 for 308 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1INT. Matthew Stafford went 27 of 45 for 385 yards and 3 touchdowns, so Stafford had a pretty good game. The run game on both teams was pretty good considering how many passing yards both had. So the Cardinals ended up coming back and they went into OT, both teams ended up getting a field goal and the game ended in a tie.

Both defenses were adequate considering neither team let up a touchdown in overtime.



Steelers @ Patriots (3-33)

Steelers coming into the new season after losing possibly their two best players, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. Big Ben not having the best game, throwing 27 of 47 for 276  yards and 1INT. Tom Brady did have a really good game, throwing 24 of 36 for 341 yards and 3 touchdowns, also Edelman had a completion for 32 yards. Run game was decent for New England but not really for the Steelers.

The defense for the Steelers was pretty bad, where the Patriots defense did really well, stopping a Big Ben and Juju Smith-Schuster offense to just 3 points.



Texans @ Saints (28-30)

This was a really hard fought game between these two elite teams. The Saints with Michael Thomas, who just received the highest contract by a wide receiver this year. The Texans came out strong for the first half, ending the third quarter with 21 points against a very good Saints defense. The Saints at half only had 3 points, so they knew they had to turn it up after half, and they did. Drew Brees was 32 of 43 for 370 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1INT. Deshaun Watson had 20 completions on 30 attempts for 268 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 1INT. Carlos Hyde had 10 carries for 83 yards and Alvin Kamara had 13 carries for 97 yards.

The defense was obviously not the best this game for either team. But the Saints played just enough to get the win.



Broncos @ Raiders (16-24)

The Raiders were coming into this angry, with Antonio Brown bailing on them last second. Derek Carr threw 22 of 26 for 259 yards and 1 touchdown. Joe Flacco went 21 of 31 for 268 yards and 1 touchdown. The run game was pretty good for the Raiders, Josh Jacobs had 23 carries for 85 yards and 2 touchdowns. 

The defense for the Broncos is pretty good and the Raiders defense played really well this game as well.

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