The Inferno

Emma Burleigh
Emma Burleigh is a fairly new student to Mansfield Christian. She has been a part of the Independent Studies program for three years but decided to try something new for her senior year and enrolled full time. Sad to leave homeschooling and middle of the day naps behind, she is very excited to see what this year has to offer. Home education allowed her the privilege to travel during the school year and for the past four years was privileged to participate in a mission trip to the Havasupai Indian Reservation in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Although she is not involved in sports on campus, she spends time riding and competitively showing her horse, Ricochet, and skiing at Snow Trails, where she works as a ski instructor. Emma plans to attend college and has interests in Equestrian Studies and Photography. She is considering leaving Ohio for her college years but has not made any final decisions yet as she waits to see how the Lord leads her during this final year of high school. Her ideal plans include marrying rich, moving to Colorado, and leading a life full of frequent adventures.

Emma Burleigh, Contributor

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