The Inferno


Photo by: Wesley Courser
Outside the main entrance to MCHS.

The Inferno began as a student newspaper produced by Mr. Courser’s senior English class as an authentic writing and collaboration project.  Students in the 2014 – 2015 school year chose the name Inferno to reflect the school’s mascot (Flames).  The newspaper title itself also reflects the purpose of the paper (to give information), because the title contains the letters i, n, f, and o.  This is why readers may see the title in the following format:  INFernO.

The Inferno is currently advised by Mrs. Foxworth-O’Brien, and staffed by seven hardworking seniors at MCS. For the 2019-2020 school year, the Inferno staff drafted the following vision and mission statements:

Vision Statement: The Inferno will be a notable presence in the lives of MCS students, providing them with relevant local news, culture, and student life from a Biblical worldview. 

Mission Statement: We will write quality features, interviews, reviews, and news that MCS students want to read.

We are grateful for the tradition of the Inferno, and look forward to making our mark on it this year.

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