The Elementary Art/Music Teacher

Hadassah Facio, writer

 If you walk down the hall to the elementary end of the building at Mansfield Christian School, you pass creative pictures and various projects on the wall. Then you will see a little sign that says, “Art room, teacher Sonia Noble.” As you walk into the room you will see bright colors and decorations that cover the wall with different art tools. Sonia Noble is Mansfield Christian School’s Elementary Art and Music teacher. Sonia plays a very important role as a teacher for many reasons, but first, here is some information about her. She grew up here in Mansfield. She went to  Mansfield City Schools throughout her younger school years. She was always very talented with music and art, but she couldn’t see herself doing art and music as a job. She knew she wanted to do something with her life, so she went to Valley Forge College in Pennsylvania. She went to college for her elementary English teaching degree but ended up with different plans. She speaks very fondly of her time there. 

 Valley Forge played a key role in her spiritual walk. When she started her teaching career she didn’t want to teach at a Christian school. Sonia said,” I felt that I couldn’t do much good there because  I may not have many opportunities to share the gospel because many of the students grew up in a Christian home. Later in life, I  realized that is just where God wants me. Looking back now I can see God’s hand in everything.”   Sonia’s grandma loved music and inspired her to think more about the possibility of working in the art/ music field. Her first year or so of her being a teacher was difficult. When people would give criticism of her teaching style, she had to learn how to handle it.

Sometimes she felt discouraged but did her best to incorporate the advice. Considering it was her first year as a teacher she showed a surprising willingness to grow and make improvements. She says, “I am still learning how to best teach my students the new curriculum.  I enjoy my environment here at Mansfield Christian and how the community is refreshing. I am thankful for the other teachers that I know and I can go to if I need anything.  I  soon realized that I could be used by God in a big way because although many students grew up in a Christian home sometimes they struggle to make their faith their own. I can help them to do that by incorporating hard conversation in my classroom and allowing my students to freely discuss their questions about  Christianity.

Ms. Noble made a statement outside the interview that the past two years have been crazy with Covid-19. She realizes that although the students do get graded for her class, art has been therapeutic and a way for her students to relax. This year has been tough because a lot more students have uncompleted work in her class so even though the students are young they may feel anxiety.  They may feel it in different ways than high schoolers or adults do but it’s still very real to them. Extracurricular classes are important. Being able to talk about Jesus in the classroom makes Sonia feel she can better accomplish the great commission.If you ask Sonia there is never a dull moment working with the kids. They say very random funny things and sometimes do some pretty silly stuff like eat glaze because they think it sounds good. Sonia does feel very successful at her job currently and she plans to stay for a while unless God pulls her in a different direction. What I learned from interviewing Sonia is that  God does lead your steps if you trust in Him and He will give you many opportunities to spread the gospel in any environment. So as you walk down the hall towards the art room and see all the creative work hopefully you will be reminded that it all started from a godly lady fulfilling Gods plan for her life.