2021 Dominican Republic Trip


Jason Dills, Writer

The Dominican Republic trip is a mission trip that the students of Mansfield Christian School can go on.  The trip will take place from March 25 to April 1, 2021.  Traveling to the Dominican Republic will cost $1,450 per person.  Money for this trip will be paid on November 18, December 18 and January 18.  All costs, except spending money, are included in the price of the trip.  Thirty spots are available.  All students and adults who want to go on the trip will have an opportunity to raise part of their costs through a fundraiser.

In order to go on the trip, people need passports and they need the Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and TDAP vaccines. They can go to the Richland County Health Department to get their needed shots.  Passports can be obtained at several local locations.

People go on mission trips to spread the gospel.  They go to serve like Jesus’ served and to help with practical needs such as building houses or painting walls. The people in the Dominican Republic really want the staff and students from MCS to come to their country. They need our help. For example, there was a homeless woman who was living in a cardboard box while she waited for her new house to be built. Another activity people may do while in the Dominican Republic is to run a Vacation Bible School for local children.  An interpreter will help everyone communicate by interpreting Spanish and English.     

Mrs. Eder, the MCS guidance counselor, has more information about the D.R. trip in her office. Please pray for this trip to be a blessing to the people of the Dominican Republic and to those who are serving.  Donations will be accepted if you would like to support this ministry opportunity.