Hadassah Facio, writer


                Soccer is a huge sport for the students at MCS.  And being part of the girls team it was always fun to watch the girls play with all their hearts,if it was freezing or  hot outside. There’s never a dull moment with our Lady Fames, being able to be a part of the team has truly been a blessing. If I could sum up our lady flames team and our season it would be just how Mrs. Baer the Coach put it, “Each girl has incredible talent and skill whether that’s athletic or mental strength! We need each player” The team does have  a lot of natural God-given talent but their teamwork, makes them all the more impressive

 there have been many hard practices where the ladies were just exhausted beat up, and hurting from practice or the games, and simply kept persevering, and finished the drill. not one player makes the team each Girl does their more than a team they’re a family .They’re a family from the way they encourage each other through winning and losing their a family for their honesty on the field for their team dinners and breakfasts and so much more .

  Congratulations lady flames you had an amazing season!  If I could share one thing I have learned from this soccer season it would be to always finish the drill no matter how hard or exhausting it is  i can’t wait to see how far you guys do next year! I encourage you if you’re even thinking about soccer a little bit go for it you won’t be disappointed! flames if it is amazing Goals shots, slide tackling, or even fancy footwork plus so much more. This year’s soccer season for the lady flames has been phenomenal. They got conference champs 13 3-1 record for the first time in six years! This is a huge accomplishment! We are so proud of our lady flames!