Ashland University Rep

Ashland University Rep

Garrett Jones, writer

Ashland University Rep Sophie Mowry came down to MCS to talk to the seniors about the college and answer any questions. The meeting was located in the CLC next to the Central Office. Sophie Mowry was a MCS graduate in 2019 and is obviously now attending Ashland University. She began talking about the college and what her favorite things about going to the school. She even introduced to the seniors what majors are included at Ashland University.

Mrs Eder was also there to support us with questions and thoughts we might have. The rep talked about what different sports they have and clubs. Sophie talked a lot about trying to get into the Financial Aid Office at the college you want to attend. Another topic was dorms or living off campus what the prices are and how that can relate to you. She gave us prices for tuition and other things that come along with college like for example books, dorms, and lunches.

Sophie Mowry was very enthusiastic and very appealing with how she was describing Ashland University. I could definitely tell that she enjoys going everyday and learning more about what she’s majoring in. What kind of clubs you can be part of on campus, Sophie is part of a softball club and is really enjoying it. Sophie Mowry did an amazing job and really got a lot of attention and possibly can get more students to attend Ashland University.

The Ashland rep gave us a chance to ask any questions we have for her. I personally asked how their dorms are, she said they are honestly pretty small but very comfortable. She said that she prefers living outside the campus to not pay extra money for her tuition. Thank you to Ashland University and Sophie Mowry for giving us seniors a chance to see maybe our future school to attend.