All about the art spotlight

Chase Rambo, Writer

The art spotlight is a very pretty spot to look at and appreciate the creativity of the student body. But what is the spotlight about? The art spotlight is the place where multiple beautiful creations are stored and put on display for the whole school to look at and enjoy the wondrous works. The spotlight is located in the hallway near Mrs. Shepherd’s room. Mrs. Hogue, the art director for 7th through 12th grade, is in charge of putting all of the creations into the spotlight, she even takes pictures of certain pots and other clay creations and posts them onto her Instagram account so they can get more recognition outside of the school building. The way that art is put in the spotlight is very easy to understand, just create something that looks visually pleasing and Mrs. Hogue will ask for permission to put the art in the spotlight. But it’s not just limited to clay pots and vases. It even applies to drawings or really good paintings that will be hung on the wall of the art spotlight. 


All forms of artwork are allowed and it fills the spotlight with a much-needed variety that some art spotlights don’t endorse, but Mrs. Hogue will put just about anything in the spotlight as long as it’s visually compelling. Art is a very meaningful thing in the world and these creations should be put on display for all to observe and appreciate in daily life and even at work or school. The art spotlight has been around for many years and has been curated by many art teachers, staff, and even students, in general, have been known to help display art or help set it up with gorgeous decorations and details. The art spotlight is and will always be where all the visually popping art will be, and it’ll always have something in it for anyone to gawk at or appreciate.