Praying for our country

Josiah Facio, writer

In the past year, our country has experienced unprecedented challenges. Some of the challenges we have encountered include rallies against the police, the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic problem in the country and the world, and how the unemployment rate has dramatically changed the way of life. The problems are too big to handle so we should turn our eyes and hearts to God the father.

In the past several months we’ve encountered several protests against the police of our country. We need to recognize that the police are not against us but their jobs are to ensure safety and protect us against the people that are breaking the law for their own advantage. We need to pray that the police will be safe while they are on their jobs and helping people. Pray that the people of the United States will acknowledge that the police are for all Americans but not against them.

Equally important, we need to pray about COVID-19 and the challenges surrounding it. We should pray for the virus to disappear and also for all the people who are sick to be healed by the father. And to understand that the father will protect us if we give him the chance to let him but that is our choice. And I believe that COVID-19 will be gone in a matter of months. But the people of the world need to turn their hearts to God the father.

During the past year, the economic system has dramatically changed for the unfortunate. We need to realize that there are millions of Americans out there who have no stable income to provide for their families and loved ones. We need to pray for provision for these families. We need to pray for the children of this country too because they might not have food at home based on future events for COVID-19. We need to pray that the kids will have a source of food for them and their families so they won’t be hungry.

In my own opinion, I believe we need to realize that God is very important to us and he will help us during the worst of times. I pray that the government will help the people by contributing food for the unfortunate. But there can be peace in the world if everyone can work together and strive for a better world in the future. To show the world we know that prayer is an important part of a reason to move with God, not man.