A Letter to My Freshman Self


Sheryl Brown, Writer

Dear Sheryl,
As you are going up to highschool. I know it might be scary and you might do something wrong. Your high school year will go faster than your elementary years. But take your time and think about what your teacher is having you to do. It’s not really good not turning things in and it affects your senior year and trip. But your life will flash before your eyes and you would think what did the time go by.
I wish that I could have asked for help and not tried to do it myself. Even when I thought someone didn’t know what I was working on. I also wish that I could have hung out with my classmates outside of school because I don’t feel connected with some of them as I should be. But it’s ok I can always have other friends. Even if you don’t keep in contact with them five years from now it’s ok. It doesn’t mean that you will be friends for a lifetime.
You might have a vision of what your senior year will look like. It’s fine to do that but at the same time it’s not. Have the most memories that you can get because your year might be different but you wouldn’t know until it happens. Before your year will happen you might already have a heartbreak of losing your grandfather on your dad’s side. Even though you never see him all the time like your other sets of grandparents. Just know that they are now watching you together now. You probably have days that are up and down but that is life and it sucks.
But there are going to be days that you will never forget. People who have been in your life and you wouldn’t see yourself without them. Because of them you might not be able to get to your senior year. But always ask someone if you don’t know how to. They are the people who know that you belong and don’t want to see you at a new school. They are the ones who believe in yourself to do better than what you are doing. Just believe in yourself no matter what you do. People love you, your personality and who you came to be as a person. Don’t forget who you are! You are special in every way!

Love you dearly,
From your future self