My Radio Experience


Joseph LeMasters, writer

When I entered my sophomore year I was given the chance to take intro to the radio. I decided to take the class along with two of my friends. The first day we met our teacher Scott Saunders and he told what radio was all about. The first semester of intro to radio was like a typical class. We had textbooks and quizzes. We learned how our voices worked and a little bit of radio history. This was all to prepare us for our own radio show we would host during our third year. During the second quarter, we were offered the chance to call one of our schools’ basketball games. It didn’t go very well. I’m not a basketball fan so I don’t know all the terminology so I wasn’t a very good color commentator. I wasn’t going to do it at first but at the last minute, I decided to do it. It wasn’t a total failure and I gained some experience. 


During the second semester, we started to do more hands-on stuff. An interesting fact about our school is that we have a campus radio station, 103.3 The Flame. It has a very short range, I don’t know how far it actually goes but I do know it covers the MCS campus. This station was our practice station. We would do weather reports and live breaks at this station. I knew that nobody was listening to this station but I still had some mic fright. They probably won’t admit it but some of the other guys did as well.  


In the second year of radio, we learned how to edit. Our big project of the year was to voice and produce a bible story. The story I chose was Daniel in the lion’s den. I got voice actors for the characters and added sound effects and music to the voice pieces. It was a fun project and really refined my editing skills. At the end of the year, we guest-starred on what would soon be our show. We were interviewed by the seniors who were in charge and they passed the torch to us.


This year me and Zayne are the hosts of the experiment. With the outbreak of COVID-19, it put a halt to the production of our show. Scott found a way for us to still do our show. We have to call into the station and do the show over the phone. I do my show prep during the week and on the day we plan to record I’ll call in and we record the show. It’s been an interesting experience and It’s taught me how to adapt to unplanned circumstances.