What to do while in Quarantine


Allie Blevins, writer

Covid-19 has affected almost everyone, and I am not talking about having the virus.I am talking about quarantine. Millions of people are stuck in their homes with nothing to do. I think that this is a great opportunity for us to spend time with God and read his word. This is a good time to put your concerns in God’s hands and know that He is in charge. I usually read the bible on my phone’s app right before I go to bed because it is the easiest for me, but because of having a little extra time, especially over spring break, I have been able to use my real bible and take some notes. This is a difficult time to go through especially as a senior with the fear of how I am going to graduate, but we can all find comfort in knowing that God is in complete control. Another thing I think we can take advantage of while we are at home is spending time with our families. With the busyness of going to school, and work for some students, it is easy to neglect family time. So while we are all stuck at home I think it is a great opportunity to reconnect with parents and siblings. My family and I have stayed occupied with work because we have an essential business, but when we aren’t busy with work we have been playing some board games and watching movies. Yesterday we were able to take a drive to Mohican just to get some fresh air. It is important to get some outside time because being stuck inside can make people crazy. Some fun things to do while you are inside though are things like crafts, or creating a new hobby. You can pick up an instrument and learn how to play it or even teach yourself a new language. You can learn how to do calligraphy or start a new series on netflix, the possibilities are endless. 

pic credits: https://disrn.com/news/comedy-break-take-a-minute-to-laugh-at-todays-best-quarantine-memes