My Generation

Malachi Johnston, Writer

A couple chapels ago Dr. Smith talked about the different generations and the gaps between them. He talked about the different types of attitudes the different generations have, the type of things each generation is into, and the type of fashion choices that were popular as well. While I can’t speak for every generation I can speak a little bot for my own and my generation is a very weird one at that. My generation compared to all the other previous one is very different and a lot has changed in terms of fashion, music, media, attitude, and and even worldly values have changed as well. My generation is still growing and who knows what will change in the future.

While i’m sure every generation has dealt with this but my generation especially is into anything popular. In my generation being into the popular stuff means you’re cool, It means you’re in the know and you fit in. You see in my generation fitting in is a very important thing because if you’re not into the new stuff you’re seen as weird by most and you have a hard time being social. Of course some open minded people bypass this and they are some exceptions but any way. This little rule can be applied to mostly anything like tv shows, music, clothes you name it.

I’m sure the other generation went through things like this as well but my generation goes through it differently. Anything popular back then is no longer popular now. That’s what separates us into different generations. This can also be seen in the different ideas people have on life. My generation is more open to different ideas from different people with a good example being religion and stuff like that. Things like homosexuality and stuff like that being more accepted in my generation. My generation is a very awkward one because it’s with people who are just starting to grow up and people who are still very young. I’m not sure if any other people in a different generation feel like this but if they do they understand the kind of gap it creates in a whole generation itself. A lot of people are disconnected with people within their own generation I mean hey it makes sense though. Different people are into different things. You can’t really blame other people for that can you?