Shane Earhart, writer

Big Air at Snowtrails is always one of the most fun times of the year for skiers like me!! Big Air is a competition held at Snowtrails with a novice and expert division for both skiers and boarders. There is one big jump we all go off of to try and land our best tricks. You are able to practice hitting the jump for 2 hours before the competition and everyone gets 2 runs. There were 36 total competitors that were there to compete. The novice snowboard group goes first and the expert group follows. The same order applies to the skiers, I was the first one to go in the expert ski group and I was very nervous. I knew the trick I wanted to do but I had only practiced it a few times in the past weeks. I noticed since the sun went down the snow was much faster than it was in practice, I knew I would need to go a little slower than I was before. The announcer called my name and it was time for me to go, so I started my way to the jump and I landed what I wanted!! I did a cork 900 safety grab. The rotation of all the other groups went than It was my turn again and I did not know what trick to do. I asked a couple of my friends that were also competing and they told me to do a switch (backward) back flip. I was in for the idea and decided that’s what I wanted to do, and I tried it! Unfortunately I went to fast and landed to far down the landing and crashed. Although I didn’t place, the competition was super fun and something to remember.