What to do When You Have the Flu

Allie Blevins, writer

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 With multiple cases of the flu going around everyone is attempting to do whatever they can to avoid catching it. The flu cases spread so much that several different schools in the area even closed in order to disinfect the buildings. Some things you can do to prevent yourself from catching the flu are avoiding crowds. Try not to get too up close and personal with people. This is a given, but wash your hands frequently to ensure no germs can transfer from your hands. You should also disinfect door handles and surfaces. Get an annual flu injection at the beginning of flu season. You can also strengthen your immune system by eating fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, and getting adequate sleep. And although everyone is doing everything they can to refrain from becoming a victim of the flu, people should be prepared for what to do if they do become a victim. One major thing you want to consider when you are feeling under the weather is making sure you get plenty of rest. Not only will rest help you feel better physically, catching up on some sleep will also help your body focus on fighting the infection. Another very important thing you want to think about is drinking plenty of fluids. When you’re sick your body becomes dehydrated so it’s crucial that you make sure to drink liquids like water, juice, and soup, which also helps loosen the mucus in your nose and head. Another valuable tip for when you are sick is to run a humidifier. Whether you are suffering from runny nose, sinus congestion, coughing, or a sore throat, a humidifier can make breathing easier by moisturizing your lung passages, throat, and nasal passage. When you use these useful tips along with taking the proper medication you should be able to get rid of the flu and not feel too drowsy. Having the flu can be a pain, but with taking the proper steps to and maintaining a positive attitude you can get through it much faster. 


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