Super Bowl Wrap Up


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jan 29, 2020; Miami, Florida, USA; Helmets for the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are placed in front of the Vince Lombardi Trophy during a press conference before Super Bowl LIV at Hilton Downtown. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports ORG XMIT: USATSI-425024 ORIG FILE ID: 20200129_jla_al2_030.jpg

Zayne Hill, Writer

Super Bowl 54 was a doozy, the commercials this year were a lot better than last years in my opinion, the game was entertaining, and how about that halftime performance? The Chiefs and the 49ers had a showdown, the 49ers in the first three quarters outscored the Chiefs 20-10, but in the fourth quarter the Chiefs turned on the jets  outscoring the 49ers 21-0! Which then ended the game 20-31 Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes won MVP with 286 passing yards, 2 Pass TDS, 2 INTs, 29 Rush yards, and 1 Rush TD. For the 49ers, Jimmy Garopollo had 219 passing yards, 1 Passing TD, and 2 INTs. Even though the 49ers have one of the best defenses in the league, you just can’t lock down Patrick Mahomes for a whole game.


The commercials this year were better, they had everything from Post Malone to if Mr. Peanut died or not. The first commercial was a Tide Commercial which featured actor “Charlie Day,” where he had a stain on his shirt and the whole concept of the commercial is him waiting to get it clean. So he appeared in many commercials including the one right after Tide’s first commercial which was an ad for The Masked Singer where he popped out at a random point and asked if his shirt could be cleaned yet. Post Malone appeared in a commercial for Bud Light and he wanted to try the new drink they had come out with but he loved the original, so he couldn’t decide so he ends up getting both because he is rich, yes that is the reason that was given for his decision in the commercial. Last but not least is Mr. Peanut really dead? The answer, no, he ended up being brought back to life by the tears of the Kool-Aid man and he grew back.


The last topic for the Super Bowl is of course the halftime show. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez definitely put on a show for halftime but was it good? People are correct in saying that the show that was put on was a little inappropriate for the Super Bowl, you have all age groups watching, and it must have been very awkward to watch that with your family. But you could really tell they put a lot of effort into rehearsing for this show. The performance was well executed, it just might not have been appropriate for that, that’s up to the viewer though.