Whats Going On With North Korea?



Malachi Johnston, Writer

The U.S. has had their eyes at North Korea for awhile now and are continuing to do so. With talk of testing out nuclear weapons and our relationship with the country not being a very decent one, It’s not an easy thing to not worry about. In fact if any place was testing out nuclear weaponry the U.S. would have their eyes on them as well. With the way that Kim Jong Un runs things it wouldn’t be hard to believe him using those nuclear weapons for mass destruction. The question is, however, is he really planning on doing such a thing and is there really anything to worry about in the future.

The U.S. was and has been expecting some kind of nuclear weapon to be launched for the longest time and it still hasn’t happened. In fact we’re not sure when exactly it might happen since it seems that the two countries are in a bit of a stalemate as of right now. Kim is also on record saying “North Korea is no longer constrained by moratorium on nuclear weapons and long-range missile testing” but he still went ahead and halted all intercontinental ballistic missile tests. This move was made to build confidence with the U.S. Part of this may be a cause of Trump’s ability to survive the impeachment process as his eagerness can be seen as leverage. Now It seems that now Kim Jong Un is more open to talks in the future about this topic but we’ll have to wait and see.

After everything that has been said, There’s not much to worry about. Yes there worry is still there but if Kim Jong Un were to nuke America it wouldn’t be beneficial to either side as using them would make his regime go down and eventually fall which is the opposite of what he wants. Anyway there’s still room for more discussion and who knows which way things will go in the upcoming politics. Let’s just hope that one day we can better our relationship as different countries and ensure the safety and peace for everyone.