Australian Bush fires

Shane Earhart, writer

Australia is known as one of the most beautiful continents in the world. It is known all over for its beautiful greenery and its exotic animals. This beautiful country, however, recently went up in flames. June of 2019 the Australian bushfires began being a problem. There is a season in Australia known as the ‘fire season’, but this year proved to be worse from the beginning than in past years. The fires, that began in June, soon spun out of control with this summer being the hottest and driest season Australia has on record. All of the nation has had fires at some point this summer, but the worst part of the fires is spreading around the southeastern part of the continent. This includes Sydney and several other main tourist and heavily populated areas. Millions of people have been affected by this disaster, and at least twenty-eight lives have been lost that we know of. Evacuation routes are in place for remaining people that may need to leave, but animals have nowhere to go. Estimates say about one billion animals have died in the fires. That number, hopefully will decrease once the fires are under control. The flames have burned everything, leaving the animals’ habitats to ruin. All this makes me stop and think how fortunate I am to live in a place I can feel safe, People living in Australia are worried about losing everything. While this is a heart-breaking disaster it has pulled many people together in helping save people and animals. Millions of dollars have been donated to Australia’s government from people all around the world. The money is going towards fire extinguishing necessities and helping people who have lost everything. There are lots of donation websites you can visit to help!


Websites to donate: