Christmas break!

Shane Earhart, Writer

Shane Earhart


Christmas time!! It’s the best time of the year. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and winter is my favorite season. During the winter, my family and I love to go skiing, we go to different resorts and go with other families. I work as an instructor at Snowtrails as well as my family, so most of my Christmas break is spent working at Snowtrails. This year I am working on the park crew which is building all the jumps and rails. I have worked a lot so far this year so I am expecting to work almost everyday over break. 


My family usually doesn’t do many Christmas traditions just the normal ones like hanging Christmas lights on the house and putting a tree in the living room. Christmas morning we all wake up early and sit in the same seats every year. My brothers and I make breakfast and wake my parents up and eat as a family than we go to the living room to open presents. My mom hands out each presents and we all watch each other individually open presents. After that we go to my uncles house to open presents from my grandma and my aunt and uncle. Christmas break is always a blast with all my friends and family.