Christmas at My House


Allie Blevins, writer

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. It’s the time where I get to see family members that I don’t normally see. It’s a time for love and joy and giving, and I think it is the most beautiful time of year. For my family, we start listening to Christmas music right after Thanksgiving and that usually goes along with putting our Christmas tree up. My family switched to a fake tree last year because real trees are a lot of work, and although I have enjoyed real trees growing up it is nice to not have to worry about watering of disposing of the tree which makes Christmas even more enjoyable. My family and I love watching Christmas movies too. We enjoy movies like : Elf, Santa Clause 1,2, and 3, A Christmas Story, Home alone, and especially It’s A Wonderful Life. My mom and I make our favorite Christmas cookies including lemon snowflake cookies, peanut butter ball cookies, and raspberry filled cookies. Like most families during this time of year, my family doesn’t hold back when it comes to indulging into treats. We always have plenty of food after Christmas day that lasts us a decent amount of time. On Christmas Eve, my family and I go to church with family friends and spend time singing and talking about Jesus. One of my favorite things about Christmas day is giving people gifts and seeing the joy on their faces. For me it is really difficult to hold back gifts so by the time Christmas comes around I am basically pushing them to open it. The only real “tradition” I can really think of is during dinner my family will recite lines from Christmas movies and it is always the same one. Every single year we recite the same lines and cry laugh the whole time. I love joy and excitement of Christmas and being able to do it all over again the next year.