My Favorite Family Christmas Traditions


Zayne Hill, Writer

Christmas at the Hill’s residence is a blast, from hiding things to the vacations. Here are some of my favorite Christmas Traditions


  1. The Vacations

Our family takes a vacation every year to usually either Roscoe Village or Cherry Valley Lodge. Both places are super fun to go to with family! Cherry Valley Lodge is this hotel with hallways that seem endless, so what me and my brother and cousin like to do is roam the hallways, because their are some pretty creepy paintings that are hung up and it keeps you on edge. Roscoe Village is this cute little old town down in Coshocton Ohio, it is awesome being down their during Christmas, they have an anual tree lighting where they turn on the lights of the Christmas Tree and one person has the honor to share the first lit candle, because everyone has an unlit candle to start off the ceremony, until everyone’s candle is lit. After all the candles are lit, everyone gathers aroung the tree and sings Christmas  carols to end off the spectacular night.


2. Decorating the tree

Every year we decorate our Christmas tree as a family while listening to christmas songs. Their is always one ornament that my parents leave off the tree and hide it. On Christmas day me and my brother look for the ornament and first one to find it gets an extra Christmas gift. It just made Christmas day that much more fun when I was little.


3. Sharing Gifts

My parents are very good at choosing what to get everyone for Christmas, and I try to get everyone a good gift but i’m pretty bad at it. When i was younger i would give away my own belongings and or make a gift. These are just some of my favorite Christmas traditions.