3 Reasons to Watch Hallmark Channel’s Count Down to Christmas


Kaitlyn Kochheiser, Writer

It’s already that time of year again; Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to 

Christmas movies! So many people look forward to these christmas movies all year 

long. These great, heartwarming, family friendly movies get people in to the 

Christmas spirit. This year is extra special because it’s the tenth anniversary of Count 

down to Christmas, so there will be even more Christmas movies than usual. There 

are so many movies to watch and they have already started. On October 25th, 

Hallmark Channel started showing a new christmas movie every Friday and Saturday 

night and will continue to through Christmas. 

There are some great reasons to watch Countdown to Christmas. Here are three:

  1. Leaves you feeling happy, cheerful, and ready to celebrate Christmas.

There is just something about Hallmark Christmas movies that gets me into the 

holiday spirit. Hallmark is well known for their Christmas movies so it’s no 

wonder they make you feel uplifted. After watching one of these many people 

are almost always in the mood for Christmas, even if its not. Hallmark views 

Christmas as a very joyful time of year and they make there movies to reflect 

that which leaves viewers feeling joyful.

  1. Family friendly and wholesome content

Hallmark movies for the most part are made so the whole family can watch.The 

majority of television these days, even Christmas movies, are generally filled 

with bad language and other inappropriate content. So to find new movies that 

are enjoyable but appropriate is very rare and refreshing. It is true the majority 

of  viewers are women, but when someone wants something the whole family 

can watch christmas Hallmark movies are a great tradition to start.

  1. Often has Christmas lights, cookies, hot chocolate, family, and warm fires!

Who doesn’t love a good christmas movie with some of the main things that 

makes Christmas so exciting. That’s why Hallmark Christmas movies often have 

small towns that go all out when decorating and celebrating christmas. In 

addition, there are holiday treats like cookies, hot chocolate, and warm fires 

which draws viewers in even more. Most importantly, many of the stories center 

around the importance of family during Christmas. Characters in the stories 

often find out the importance of christmas by coming home for the holidays or 

finding a family in a place they never expected.

These are just a few of the reasons to watch Countdown to Christmas on 

Hallmark Channel. It’s not too late to start watching even though 

it’s already begun; there are still many more movies to come out! So start a new 

tradition with your family by watching Countdown to Christmas. This will be 

something you’ll look forward to all year long!