Useful Studying/NHS tutoring

Joseph LeMasters, writer

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I have taken many tests over the years. Some I bombed and others I did very well on. Through these experiences, I have learned many tips and tricks that may help you study.  


  • Taking notes is always a good idea. Even if you forget to study you will still retain the information in class because you were engaged.
  • Making flashcards is a great memorization technique. Whether you need to learn All the Amendments or parts of the spine, flashcards will help you out.
  • Studying with a friend is a good way to make studying fun. At the very least you’ll have someone to suffer with you. 
  • Use you, planner, to remember when test days are so you know when to study. If you do this you’ll never wake up in the middle of the night panicked because you forgot about a test.  


If you need some help studying NHS is offering to tutor students on Thursdays in the CLC. You’ll receive help from your peers and learn useful studying techniques. Not better than mine of course but quality tips nonetheless.