Why You Should Always Slow Down and Move Over


Allie Blevins, writer

Do you move over when you see a vehicle stopped with flashing lights on the highway? If you are like most people you probably don’t, but did you know that the MOVE OVER law has been enforced in all 50 states? Truck driving is the second most dangerous job in the U.S. killing about 700 to 800 roadside workers/drivers each year. That is why it is so important to move over when you see a vehicle stopped with flashing lights. In fact, the law enforcement prefers passer byers to move over two lanes if at all possible. From my experience in my family’s towing business the highway is always a life or death situation. The drivers you would most expect to move over, such as semi truck drivers, turn out to be the most stubborn to move over. For that reason, both my mother and father have been grazed by a semi truck that refused to move over on the side of I-71, and not only that, I myself have almost been run over by a school bus. Tow truck drivers, construction workers, and law enforcement that are killed due to the carelessness of drivers can easily be avoided by just simply slowing down and moving over. Another issue is not being able to move over because there are people on the other side that won’t let you over. Do NOT be that person. Be willing to move into another lane to allow someone else to move over. However, if you are absolutely unable to move over at least slow down and try to stay as far away from the scene as possible. It is totally not worth getting pulled over, let alone being responsible for someone’s death. So please be sure to always slow down and move over for stopped vehicles with flashing lights.