Does Ohio State have what it take to win a National Championship


Zayne Hill, Writer

Ohio State as of November 22nd is 11-0, the only undeafeated teams left are Ohio State, LSU, and Clemson. Ohio State’s Justin Fields has the best touchown to interception ratio since the year 2000 from every team (33-1)! Fields is not the only threat on Ohio State, they have, which most people refer to him as the best player in college football, Chase Young who has 16.5 sacks after playing  just 9 games so far. The Ohio State Buckeyes also have J.k. Dobbins who has improved immensely since last year, and his back up Master Teague III is looking like he could be just as explosive as Dobbins has been this year. Ohio State has both the 4th offense and the number one defense, and they had won every one of their games by 24+ points before the Penn State game where they won 28-17.


Ohio State has 3 contenders for the heisman trophy award which is ridiculous! OSU has the most balanced team in college football which means they have both an amazing offense and defense. After winning their game against Penn State they have guaranteed their spot in the BIG Ten Championship game. The only regular season game left this year is against the team up north at their home stadium in Ann Arbor. If they win both of these last two games they will guarantee themselves a place in the College Football Playoffs, probably as no. 1 or no. 2 depending on how good LSU does. Ohio State has the best chance in College Football entering the final game of the regular season to make the playoffs with 78%, and have the best chance to win the National Chamionship with a 30% chance.