Jesus Is King


Shane Earhart, Writer

Kanye West is known as many things: rapper, songwriter, producer, and fashion designer. As a rapper he has published nine albums. Before “Jesus Is King”, his newest album, Kanye West was known as some other ordinary rapper that had the same ideas and ethics as other artists. When Kanye released his newest album with a Chrisitian title and message it took many followers by surprise. The songs together offer salvation and hope. If you have had a chance to listen to the album you will see that all of the songs are worshipping God. They all acknowledge God’s role in our lives and how we are warriors for him. Some of the songs use biblical stories like, the Flood with Noah’s ark to provide accredited information. Kanye West has not always been as forward about his faith, as he was in this album. He has, however, produced music with more restraint on sexual and explicit topics compared to most rappers in this decade. He is known as more than just a name in the music and fashion industry, though. He has gained fame through his relationship with Kim Kardashian. Through using that platform he has been able to reach more people with his new album. This production has made quite the controversial statement, which seems to be doing good. It has caused a nationwide debate on his authenticity to the songs recently released, but that has sparked a large interest in nonreligious millennials beginning to attend church or make steps towards seeking God and finding their God given purpose in life. Many people on social media have commented on how the album has changed their lives and started a new revival in them and their families. Kanye West made a bold move in creating and publishing this album, and the impact it has had in just a few short weeks is a tremendous step in turning this nation and world back towards God.