Is Joker worth seeing?


Joseph LeMasters, Writer

    Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is a breath of fresh air from DC comics. If you’re tired of the generic end of the world superhero plot with over the top action then this is your film. If you are tired of comic book movies you would still enjoy this film. The comic book genre has been criticized by my filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese for not being cinema. I do agree that many comic book movies do feel like amusement park rides. They just feel like their soul existence is just for entertainment; they’re very surface level with little to say. This doesn’t mean their bad movies, I enjoy many superhero films, but I can’t say I had an emotional connection to Antman and  The Wasp. The Joker breaks the mold of comic book movies and shows that they can be more than mere entertainment value.


     Joker is an amazing film. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is very intriguing and one of the best on-screen Jokers. The film captures the atmosphere of a city on the verge of tearing itself apart. Tensions are high in Gotham and without batman crime is rampant. Workers are on strike because of poor work conditions and start to hate the rich especially Thomas Wayne. No one has any compassion or patience for people like Arthur. This causes Arthur to be isolated from society. When he kills some men on the subway and the news reports on it he likes the attention. This is a very true phenomenon that many people in Arthurs’s situation have experienced and since he isn’t getting the proper treatment he indulges in these actions. Arthur doesn’t have anyone in his life so this is the only way he thinks he can express himself since his comedy career failed. 

     Joker is about the importance of mental health care. Arthur was seeing a state-provided therapist who didn’t care about him. She hardly listened to the things he said and just prescribed him some medication and sent him on his way. When the state cuts the funding of the hospital he can no longer get his medication. When he stops taking his meds it’s like he is freed; no longer is his mind block by all of the medication he is taking. He becomes more methodical and coordinated in his movement. This is the best showcased in the scene where he dances on the steps. He is free from his mind and is finally expressing himself. Arthur says earlier in the movie that he wants to make the world happy. This is why he wants to be a comedian, so he can make people laugh. If he had support from people around him instead of drowning himself in medications then his impact on the world might have been positive. Instead he inspires riots across Gotham, now this wasn’t his goal. He says that he isn’t political. He does enjoy seeing his impact on the world, however. He sees the riots he has caused and laughs, he is proud of what he has started. He is broken out of police custody by the rioters and placed on top of the car. He stands up and soaks in the spotlight while receiving applause from the crowd.


     I would highly recommend Joker. Now, this isn’t a movie for the faint of heart. It has very shocking scenes of violence but it isn’t done tastelessly. There is a lot of politics surrounding this movie but they hold no merit. This movie is political but not in the media says it is. It’s about mental health and what happens when it’s left unchecked. Not everything that is made needs to serve and agenda so don’t listen to the media, just make your own conclusions. That is my review of the Joker. Go out and see Joker if you have. There aren’t very many movies like this being made anymore so let the movie industry know this is what we want.