The Carolina Panthers have missed Cam for five games but it feels like a whole season

Zayne Hill, writer

Cam Newton, after starting the season off 0-2 with zero touhdowns, sat out the third game with a foot injury. Cam’s backup, Kyle Allen, won his first four games as a starter this season. After these four games he took a huge loss to the 49ers (51-13), also this was his first NFL game throwing an interception throwing three and no touchdowns. After this game Ron Rivera, the Panthers head coach, had to make a tough decision either start Cam, or start Kyle Allen and let Cam heal more so he is 100% in his next start. So they chose to start Kyle Allen against the Titans, he got the win and just today it was announced that the Carolina Panthers will be putting Cam on IR (injured reserves) which basically means he will be out for the rest of the season, but if the Panthers make the Playoffs Carolina has the option to play him, but this is doubtful that they would. So now the question has to be asked, has Cam played his last game in the Carolina Panthers? I say no, the Panther’s organization is smarter than that, you can’t just let a loyal, talented, former MVP, and a player that took this team to the Super Bowl without Christian McCaffrey go like that!


Let’s look at this from the business point of view for the Panther’s. If Carolina let’s Cam go right now they will save themselves just over 19 million dollars, so the question is, is 31 year old Cam Newton who has struggled with injuries throughout his career with the Panthers, no thanks to the offensive line, and also has one year left on his contract worth the near 20 million dollars? My honest opinion is yes, when healthy Cam is a strong candidate for the best player in the NFL, you just have to get a decent offensive line. Now yes the Panthers in the off season did try doing this, picking up the center Matt Paradis, and drafting the offensive tackle Greg Little 37th overall, but you need at least one superstar probowl offensive lineman to lead the line and encourage the others to get better. When Cam gets time he makes things happen, his first two games this season would have been won if he had time, both were one post season games and off the dome I can think of two receivers alone that were wide open that were missed because of the pressure. To make a long story short, I’m not saying it’s all the lines fault but it plays a big part in Newton’s return.