National Honor Society Induction Ceremony


Kaitlyn Kochheiser, Writer

Monday, October 7th, was this year’s NHS Induction Ceremony. It went very well and it was a great time honoring the new inductees of NHS. To become a member of the National Honor Society is not easy; it takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance. In addition to that, the student has to meet the five pillars, which are Christ, Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. Normally, NHS has only four pillars, but because Mansfield Christian School is christian and seeks to honor God in every area, MCS added Christ as a pillar. The students that were inducted worked hard to earn this honor and privilege.

The students inducted were Leah Sites, Clay Reynolds, Lance Banks, Brianna Keib, Grace Johnson, Gavin Mattix, Chloe Reel, Kristin Kaufman, Derric Taylor, Christian Shepherd, Natalie Ewing, and Lillian Westfield. We started the evening with prayer by Mr. Klotzbach, the principal, and our advisors, Dr. Stull and Mr. Courser, talked about what it means to be a part of the Flames Chapter of NHS. Next, Matthew Golias, the NHS president, led the pledges to the American flag, the Christian flag, and the Bible. Next, we heard an inspiring message about serving others and following God wherever He leads by MCS and NHS alumni, Monica Christie. After that, Monicka Ridgal and Melissa Hord, two of the members, read about each of the pillars while I, Kaitlyn Kochheiser, another member, lit the candles representing each pillar. At the end of the ceremony, each inductee was escorted to the front of the room by a returning NHS member, where they received their certificate and a rose. Next, the inductees stood in front of the audience and repeated after Matthew the NHS pledge. Dr. Smith closed the ceremony with prayer, then the group of inductees and returning members posed for pictures. We ended the night with refreshments and fellowship. It was a great evening honoring all the inductees for their diligence and hardwork to earn this honor and privilege.