Chapels Next Message

Malachi Johnston, Writer


Next week we only have one chapel because of the half day on Tuesday but the one chapel we will  have will be very important. The message for next week’s chapel will be biblical finance or how to use your money in a biblical way. This is very important for many different reasons. First of all, people use money in a very frugal way. We always end up buying things that don’t serve us any real purpose just because we happen to Have the money to spend. We sometimes need to stop and think “Is what I’m about to buy something that God wants me to buy. 

The majority of people nowadays are spenders when it comes to money. Most of the time we could be putting that money we spent to good and better use instead of buying some clothes that looked neat or something on the shelf that just looked cool. We could put our money towards our churches, charity, helping someone out, or just anything else that we can imagine being pleasing. Bills and payments and the like ,of course, are things that we can’t help but put our money towards which is just part of life. For the people who like to save their money ,however, should always be thinking of the best possible place to be putting their money towards. 

Money is a flimsy thing in which you either use it all up all the time or you just let it sit there and collect dust, never putting it to good use. I’m sure God wants use to glorify him even through our own hard earned cash.  We should be looking for those opportunities to use money in a biblical way because we never know when the opportunity will come again. If we don’t put our money towards things God wants us too then what’s the point of putting our money towards anything unless God wants us to do it. I’m sure the speaker for next Thursday’s chapel will address some of these things. I hope we all learn something new about spending our money in a biblical way.