Senior parking spots

Sheryl Brown, Writer

The Seniors of MCS has been doing a donation fundraiser for Kaitlyn Kocheisher and her family. This is a great opportunity for us to fund raise for our classmate that we love so much. We are thankful that the school let us do this for her. It is a fun idea to do for school. If you really think about it painting parking spots are actually really hard to do. There’s a few things that would need to go right in order for you to make your painting as perfect as you want it to be when you thought of your design. If you decide to paint parking spots, I would suggest to paint your spots in the beginning of the school year when it is still hot. And when the pavement isn’t hard for you to paint and would have to worry about pebbles and cracks in the parking lot. It is so fun to come up with a design for a great cause. The senior class are all glad that they have had a great opportunity to help out our Kocheisher family as much as we can. Everyone’s spots looks so cool and it was designed. The senior class took two pictures by Kaitlyn’s spot and Brianna Middleton’s. Kaitlyn put a bible verse on her spot and Brianna put Kaitlyn’s name with beautiful flowers around it. They had a great time and when they were done. They planned to have a party for her with a presentation to her and her family. It was a picture frame with all of the seniors at her spot with signatures and a check to pay for those medical bills. The Kocheishers are very thankful for the seniors and also saying that they would take the frame and not the check if they had to choose.