Spilling The Tea With Mrs. P (Parrott)



Allie Blevins, Writer

Hey ya’ll! Have you ever taken the time to get to know Mrs.Parrott? Well, for the past couple of weeks I have been really getting to know a little bit about her life. And, I hope after reading this article you will want to too.

If you don’t know, Mrs. Parrott is the highschool’s cheerleading coach. Mrs. Parrott has spent a majority of her life involved in cheer. For instance, she actually cheered at the several different schools that she had attended growing up all the way from kindergarten through college. No wonder she makes such a good coach! On top of cheerleading, she also played volleyball from junior high school through highschool, and two years of college.

Mrs. Parrott was born in Birmingham Alabama, but only stayed there for 5 days due to her adopted parents living in Missouri. She then grew up in St. Joseph Missouri. As you know, Mr. Parrott is the school’s basketball coach and high school Bible teacher, and believe it or not, Mrs. Parrott’s father was a basketball coach, bible teacher, and pastor at her school growing up. But that’s not all, Mrs. Parrott’s mother was cheer coach too! Since Mrs. Parrott’s father was a pastor, she ended up moving schools quite a few times. She moved from St. Joseph Missouri, where she had lived for 16 years, to Point Pleasant West Virginia. She eventually graduated from Ohio Valley Christian school in 1995. Before moving to Ohio she lived in North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky,  and Georgia.

Mr. Parrott, Mrs. Parrott, and Krystin Parrott eventually moved to Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Parrott landed jobs here at Mansfield Christian where we know and love them. If you would like to get to know Mrs. Parrott you can visit her in the radio station where she works.