Senioritis Outbreak


Joseph LeMasters, Writer

A new virus has appeared and it has already affected millions. The WHO has named this Virus senioritis or “The Big Sad”. Symptoms include a no-can-do attitude, stress, depression, and death. Symptoms start as soon as you start school and only get worse as you approach senior year. Symptoms are at their worse once a student becomes a senior. The CDC has published its research on the matter of how to lessen the symptoms. 


Senioritis is an airborne disease and it is highly contagious. All last-resort antibiotics are useless against this virus and are being called the world’s first super virus. 100 percent of highschooler will experience this disease at one point or another with varying degrees of severity. To prevent serious symptoms its best to bring it to the attention of someone and talk to them about how you feel. The best people to go to our elders who have survived this illness. They’ll have some advice to help you through your senior year. 


When it comes down to it, the best treatment is to just deal with it. Just get through your senior year it won’t take that long. At Least you are still in high school and you don’t have to deal with even more stressful real-world problems. There is no cure for senioritis besides graduating but you can deal with it. This is The Inferno Disease Center signing off.