Fall is the Best Season(in my opinion)




Malachi Johnston, Writer

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Between all four seasons, Fall(or Autumn) is the greatest between them. When it comes to weather, activities, holidays, and what not Fall has every other season beat. Fall looks the greatest and also feels great to be in thanks to the weather. I mean, what’s better than jumping into a pile of leaves. Now of course you have to rake the leaves but I feel like the payoff is worth it  Fall just has everything you need in a great season. 

Now let me explain a little bit. In terms of the environment, Fall without a doubt if the prettiest season out of all of them. With Fall’s different assortment of red, orange, and yellow leaves Fall has the looks down pact. Fall also has cooler temperatures which is very welcoming after having to endure the miserable heat of summer. The cooler weather also gives people the chance to wear some of their favorite pants, jackets, and other items for cooler weather. Fall is also the time when most pumpkin flavored items come out for sale, which are delicious. The activities that come with Fall are some of the most fun compared to the other seasons. With Fall comes pumpkin carving, going to fall festivals, and once Halloween comes around then there’s dressing up in costumes, going trick or treating, and going to things like Halloween parties. 

So for these reasons I think fall is the best season out of all of them. Some people may disagree with me and not like Fall at all and that’s okay. I can see people not liking the cooler temperatures or activities and so on and that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. In my opinion because of all of the things I listed I think Fall is the best season.

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