Advice for MCS


Zayne Hill, Writer

When I started at MCS I had no idea what this school was going to be like. Don’t get me wrong, this school is great and everything it was just, different. So coming from a public school it was tough trying to get used to the rules here at MCS, but as I got more used to them I realized the rules here really aren’t that baffling. So here is some advice: do not think you are slick, this school is very good at noticing something wrong like campus wear, your hair being too long, if you are trying to steal someone else’s work, etc.  Yes I’ll agree the campus wear here is pretty expensive, but it’s the rules and they more than likely notice that you are wearing the wrong thing(s). The hair thing is mainly for the guys, we are not supposed to have our hair go past our ears, they will call you on it so do not let your hair get to that point. Taking someone else’s answers, I mean come on, of course you shouldn’t do this not just because the teachers will catch you, but because it is just wrong.

Let’s do some more tips shall we? Just don’t ever bully people–not only at this school but anywhere, here specifically you will probably receive a detention, and if it’s really bad you could have a chance of being suspended or expelled. Do not be late, here at MCS you get a detention for being late or having missing assignments three times in a quarter. Be nice and respectful, again same with other schools but be extra nice here, if you give respect you get respect. The most important advice at all, just know that no matter what happens, good or bad, God has a plan for you!