Spiritual Emphasis Week Sermon: God is Greater Than


Kaitlyn Kochheiser, Writer

During Spiritual Emphasis Week, Mr. Parrott talked about what God is greater than. He talked about how no matter what you are going through, God is bigger than that. There were some special games and performances that he used to help people understand the message. Mr.Parrot also talked about being humble, laying down your struggle, and leaving it in God’s hands. It was a very powerful message that spoke to many students, including me.

I think the majority of the time, if we were to admit it, we know God is bigger than our struggle, but we try to deal with it in our own strength. That is what I think Mr. Parrott was trying to explain. He started out by asking for volunteers, a girl and a boy from each grade. Each team had a container of styrofoam cups. Each team had to write on each cup one thing that God is bigger than. Then they would take the cups to the white line on the gym floor and the team with the biggest cup stack wins. Mr. Parrott then went over once they were done and knocked the cups down to symbolize no matter what it is, God is so much bigger than it.

We often want to deal with things on our own because it takes humility to be real and ask for help. Toward the end of the sermon, he asked Mrs. Parrott and the cheerleaders to come to do a special performance. What the cheerleaders did, I thought was so brave, humbling, and inspiring. The cheerleaders first did a song in sign language that they learned at cheer camp this summer. Then afterward they lined up in a row and one by one showed on a piece of paper what they were giving to God. That takes a huge amount of courage and humility that can only come from God.

In conclusion, Mr. Parrott invited students and teachers to come down to the front and write on a piece of paper what they were giving to God. People started to come down and after writing on their papers, they broke up into small groups to pray for each other. Another humbling thing because people not only laid down their struggles, they also did the hard thing and showed their peers what their struggles were. At the end everyone on the gym floor faced the bleachers and held up their signs for everyone else to see. I think this was a very empowering chapel where people were real, laid down their struggles, and encouraged each other in prayer.