Pass your dress checks and still look cute


photo by Allie Blevins

homecoming flyer

Allie Blevins, Writer

Hey ladies, its that time of the year again. Yes you heard me. Dress shopping season, and you know what that means. Going store to store looking for the perfect cute, but modest homecoming dress, but before you spend way more time than you should be looking for that perfect dress, let me help you out with some stores and alteration ideas. 

  1. You have to decide which store you want to spend your money at, but don’t just show up without overseeing the selections. Here are a few links to some stores that I have personally looked through and have found cute appropriate dresses, or dresses with only a few alteration needs. 

So you’ve found your dress, now what? Well, if you are like most people and had to settle with a dress that doesn’t exactly meet school dress code standards don’t worry.

       2. If you are struggling with an adorable dress that won’t pass dress checks because the neckline is too low or the dress is strapless or maybe the back is completely open. Don’t stress. Down below I have found some alterations that might be just what you need.

For an open back dress, you can find a piece of fabric (non-see through) to sew onto the inside on the back of the dress. Or, find a cute cardigan or shrug that compliments your dress to wear over it!

      3. Now that you’ve accomplished finding or diyng the perfect dress all you need to do is grab some cute flats or heels and maybe some jewelry and you are ready to roll, and remember to have a great time and make memories. Have fun!