Homecoming Guide For The Guys

Homecoming Guide For The Guys

Photo by Zach Massa

Joseph LeMasters, Writer

So you want to go to homecoming but you have no idea what you’re doing. Maybe you want a date but you’re too scared to ask. Maybe you got a date but have no idea what to wear. Or maybe you know what you want to wear but you don’t have the funds available to purchase the suit you want. Well, worry no more I am here to help. Over the years I have gathered some useful tips and tricks that’ll make this whole process easier.

The first thing everyone thinks of when they want to go to homecoming is who are they going to take. You don’t need a date to have a good time at homecoming. That doesn’t mean go by yourself because then you’ll be bored out of your mind but go with some friends. I did this in 10th grade and I had a blast. Now if you’re set on getting a date here’s some advice. Ask a girl you know don’t ask some stranger that’s a good way to be rejected. Speaking of rejection, if she says no don’t take it personally it just wasn’t meant to be. My best advice is to not make a big deal about asking her. If you feel nervous then take the simple approach. Take a deep breath and relax you’ll be fine no matter the outcome.

Now suits are expensive a tux goes for about 200 big ones and that’s just to rent it. So if you’re on a budget then I recommend going to a thrift store such as GoodWill. You’ll get a great deal I’m talking under twenty dollars. It can be hard to find one that fits so if you know someone who makes some modifications that’s great but for others, you just have to get lucky. To get the best-fit look for a suit made of a thick material and has small armholes so it drapes over your torso nicely. Now getting a suit from GoodWill may hurt your pride but you just got to think logically. You’ll only wear it once and no one will know if you don’t tell them. Now if you have a bit more of a budget but still don’t want to break the bank then you could go to places like Kohls, Burlington, or JCPenny’s. The most important thing is that you feel good and comfortable in the suit that you wear

Alright, now you got some tips and tricks for homecoming. Hopefully, this helps a little and lessens the stress that comes with the whole process. And fellas listen up, treat your ladies with respect. That means opening doors for her sliding back her chair so she can sit and other things such as that. If you follow this advice you’ll have a great time at homecoming.