Overcomer Is A Must See


Source: IMDB

Promotional poster for Overcomer

Kaitlyn Kochheiser, Writer

A new, popular, Christian movie now in theaters is Overcomer. It’s an inspiring movie that is centered around where a person finds his or her  identity. The story is about a basketball coach for a local highschool and a sophomore girl named Hannah who is a runner. The basketball season is going not so well when they lose the last game, and to make things worse the majority of the town’s jobs closed. Then players start leaving because their families can’t make it anymore. Afraid of cancelling more programs at the school, the principal decides to have the Basketball coach, John Harrison, take over Cross Country, after he is already devastated about losing his team. On top of that, John only has one student, Hannah, show up for tryouts and she has asthma. Hannah is an only child who lives with her grandma since her parents passed away. She is very quiet and reserved, but Coach Harrison decides to give her a shot even though he is not totally for it. One evening, at the local hospital, while waiting to visit a patient with his pastor, the coach is accidentally  pushed into a patient’s room where he meets a kind, older, blind gentlemen named Thomas Hill. As they start talking, Coach Harrison starts sharing how he lost all his players and the sport he coaches now only has one player with asthma. Coach Harrison continues to go back to the hospital to meet with Thomas and over weeks  they build a strong friendship. Not only that, but Thomas starts questioning John about his faith and where he finds his identity. If you get a chance, go and watch how Hannah’s journey as a runner plays out and how Coach Harrison’s faith  grows. This is definitely a very inspiring movie that will lead people to God and also challenge believers in their walk with God.

Why you should see Overcomer:

  • Good acting 
  • Funny scenes
  • Scenes that will make you cry
  • Challenges your faith
  • Very inspiring
  • Incredible message