Popeye’s Versus Chick-Fil-A

Popeye's Versus Chick-Fil-A

Source: Popeye's & Chick-fil-a

Sheryl Brown, Writer

Chick-Fil-A founder Truett Cathy was experimenting with the recipe in 1961 and he spent years perfecting the number one selling sandwich that we know and love. This sandwich has four years in the making. The restaurant is a Christian based company. The chicken sandwich is made at all locations nationwide. Celebrities have recently been giving the sandwich a try. The taste overall is hot and sweet, and they have a top secret recipe that makes the sandwich different from everywhere else. The sandwich comes in spicy and non spicy flavor, but either hot or not the chicken is great. If you haven’t tried it, go give it a try on Thursdays at the Presbyterian Church on Linen Road. Do you think they should create something new?  Do you think a new flavor would be successful?

Popeye’s has introduced their new chicken sandwich this year. Everyone has fought to get their hands on the sandwich to compare to the very popular Chick-Fil-a chicken sandwich. Some say that Popeye’s chicken sandwich the best sandwich that they ever had. Others say it’s just alright. Popeye’s has been so busy that even the workers are tired of making these sandwiches, and they ended up taking it off the menu. People have been bashing Popeye’s on social media just because they stopped selling. One man even sued. People have been doing ridiculous things in order to get the chicken sandwich. Because of the chicken sandwich being sold out, it seems like all of America is mad. Do you think they were right to stop selling the sandwich? Do you think they should continue their sandwiches even if they are sold out? Let us know in the comment section which one you prefer.