Band After Two Years of Leave


Malachi Johnston, Writer

Have you ever done an activity like sports, band, or something like that and quit and then try to get back into it years later? I have and I’d like to talk about my experience so far trying to get back into playing my clarinet for the high school band. Now back in the day our band program was very lively. Lots of students joined and played including me. I’ve been playing the clarinet ever since 5th grade and up until 9th and I used to be really into it. But out of nowhere the band just kind of disappeared.

I don’t know what happened behind the scenes or the real reason why it disappeared it just did. After that it wasn’t even a class option for your schedule and so for two years the high school didn’t have a band. This year though they brought it back and I signed up for it. There are only three people in the class but I don’t mind it. The teacher is Mrs. Friebel, she is very nice and helpful as well. My only problem is that I haven’t played my instrument in two years. I haven’t practiced or even picked it up during that time. I was a little nervous about the first day going into band class and I was wondering how much I actually remembered. I expected to have to relearn a lot of the material such as notes, rhythms, signatures, and other musical terms.

To my surprise, however, I remembered a lot more than I thought I would. I was able to play the music the teacher put in front of me. I was surprised about how much muscle memory I retained after that two year break. I remembered how to play almost every note and I was able to recognize the rhythm of the music. Although I may be able to play the notes I actually can’t remember the names of them I just know how to play them. So it creates this weird situation where I know how to play the music I just don’t know how to explain it. I don’t remember everything of course so I still have a lot to learn and relearn. A lot of the terminology has been lost on me. Even if starting out right now is a little weird, I now have high hopes for this band class with how much I was somehow able to remember and I wonder if we will be able to make the band program as big as it used to be.