Spotlight Interview: Mrs. Hogue


Photo by Zayne Hill

Mrs. Hogue

Zayne Hill, Writer

This is Mrs. Hogue. She is in charge of the art department and is the class advisor for the sophomore class at Mansfield Christian School. She has been at MCS since the 2018-2019 school year, and was at Senior High the year before coming here. She is married and has two kids, a boy and a girl, so that is probably where she gets all of her patience for us.

Now for some fun facts about Mrs. Hogue: she has no gallbladder or tonsils, her greatest downfall is not completing an art project, and she attended THE Ohio State University. Mrs. Hogue says her greatest accomplishments in her life are her two children. Her birthday is on  August 9th, and her anniversary is on August 27th. When asked what her favorite vacation spot she answered with Niagara Falls, and the beach (any beach), but she plans on going to Disney over Spring Break so maybe that answer might change (who knows? Disney is a magical place). 

How about some more fun facts, like: Ann is her middle name, she likes going to dine-in movie theatres, a hobby of hers is fishing, and she also happens to like to eat fish. At her church, which by the way she goes to Crossroads, she runs coffee and canvas, where people learn to paint and all proceeds go to Guatemala where she has gone on a missions trip, along with Mexico. Mrs. Hogue has a great relationship with her parents, her favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11, which her son happens to be memorizing for class, Saved at seven years old, her favorite holiday is Christmas, “because of all of the magic that happens on that day. Her celebrity crush was John Krasinski in the movie 13 hours, which also happens to be her favorite movie. She found a job at 2am after not being able to sleep, and says it was a sign from God. She thinks her greatest professional strength is student relations, in five years she sees herself working at the same job she has right now because of how much she loves it. Funny enough her dream job ever since she was a kid was to become a teacher, and it seems like that worked out pretty well for her.