The Wise Words of Myself

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Isabelle Howard

Elisha Jessee Senior Picture

Elisha Jessee, Contributor

As my senior year comes to a conclusion, I have done a lot of reminiscing. I think back to when I was in kindergarten and 1st grade. I think of the rest of my classmates that I have grown to know and love. I think about our times on the playground, and the times we were in class together. I think about the trouble I got in, and the people who were there for me. Senior year isn’t about leaving and starting a new chapter. Senior year is for the reminiscing of your school life.

Senior year showed me many things–not just about myself, but showed me a lot about my class and different paths for the future. Our class is very diverse and almost everyone is choosing a different path. We have a large military class also. There are some in our class going for doctors, others are going into business. Our whole class has different mindsets and are heading straight for their dreams.

As for me, I have seen a path not many choose. I chose to go into the military and be apart of the United States Marine Corps. If you asked me at the beginning of the year what I was doing I would not have answered that. Just when you think you’re going to be a physical therapists and go to college a new door opens for you. A better door can always be opened to you. The Marines will help pay for college and will give me a job. If you haven’t considered any military please look into it. It will change the way you think. Military isn’t just guns blazing. It’s a good way to start your future if you don’t know what you want to do.

So my advice to all of you underclassmen. Get your work done and graduate. You won’t get very many opportunities if you don’t graduate. If you plan on going to college study and keep your GPA high. For those who have no idea what you want to do with your life, find out what you enjoy and do your research on how to do that for a living. If you can’t find anything on that one thing you enjoy I am sure the military is going to have a way for you to get there. They have everything from sports, to a cook, to a musician, to a rifleman, to a police officer. There are so many paths that you don’t know about yet. There is no reason to stress, just find what you love and make a living out of it.

Signing out, Elisha Jessee