Time is too Valuable to Waste


Jesse Williamson

Jesse Williamson senior picture.

Jesse Williamson, Contributor

It’s so crazy that I am writing an article to share my legacy to future and current students at Mansfield Christian School. I came to MCS in 7th grade and its been quite the journey. I remember my first day like it was yesterday, at my previous school I was a troublemaker and got into many fights which ended with me coming to MCS.

Personally, I hate change, so I was not fond of coming to this new school, but God has an interesting way of putting you somewhere were you believe its the worst place in the world but end up being one of the best experiences in your life. I have had my ups and downs at MCS, I wasn’t the star student or anyone special. In my opinion, I was a drifter just getting by. As the years went by, I gained many new friends who have changed my life for the better.

This is gonna sound so familiar because you have probably heard it so many times. In my 5 years at MCS, I regret so much. I wish I would have been more involved with the school. I struggled with grades, because I didn’t care but looking back, I realize I wasted so much potential.

Always remember to do your best and be outgoing, try to help the people around you because in our tiny school in a short amount of time it feels like a second family. Learn to spread love, because we have too much hatred in our world.

MCS has been an amazing opportunity in my life. I have a second family here after I graduate. We may never see each other again but the memories we shared will last a lifetime.

The best thing I was apart of at MCS was the baseball program it has been quite the journey there too. I came into baseball with no experience at all in the sport, but I was also inexperienced in some other categories. I just did not know it yet. In my sophomore year, I came out to play baseball. I was absolutely terrible, but I tried and gave it my best effort. Adam Stephan one of my best friends taught me the game slowly and with time I started to pick it up. Baseball was so much more than just a game–it was a brotherhood. Growing up I had three sisters, and I never got to experience a brother until I began to play baseball. We struggled as a team but we also grew as a team. We always tried to give it our best shot and have fun. Baseball showed me how to swallow my pride and realize the greater good. Our coach Scott Carrier has been so impactful in my life. He’s been a great role model in my life, and has taught me so much, and I’m so thankful.

The toughest time in my life was the loss of my Grandma. She gave me so much wisdom and advice. God showed me no matter what he’s in control though. My grandma was a strong faithful woman and I’m so happy she’s in heaven with no more pain or worries. I’m so thankful to everyone at MCS who supported me when she passed away. I received light in what I thought was the darkest time of my life but God shines thru all. The only advice I have is to be the best you can be don’t settle for average work hard and try your best. Thank you to all the staff and students at MCS who put up with me–especially Mrs. Stigall. She has helped so much this year, and I appreciate you all so much.

– Jwill Out